The importance of your perspective

“When you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes”
- Wayne Dyer

Yup, you can change your life by changing your perspective.

I know when I first heard this quote, I was all ‘well, duh’ and went on my less than merry way, continuing to live my not so epic life. Superficially, I get this quote does sound a little simplistic, if not obvious, but there a big old awesome lesson in there regarding your mindset and the way you approach your life.

Your mindset, perspective, perception, approach to life, whatever you want to call it, is insanely powerful when it comes to the life you’re now living. Every single passing second YOU get to decide how you feel and what you do in response to everything happening in your life…and it is this that determines your future.

Hello, you almighty creator, you!

Even when the deeper meaning of this quote finally hit me, I still resisted. It seems so backwards and stupid to act as thought you like the life that you don’t like, in order to get the one that you do. To be honest, it made me mad.

And I wanted to be mad and blame someone/something/whatever for where I was finding myself (oh and PS, if you want to know more about my story, check it out HERE). It was a whole lot easier to resolve myself of any responsibility for my own life and play the victim of my circumstances.

On a bit of a side note, it’s a super powerful thing to ask yourself what you’re getting out of staying where you are now in life. There is 100% some kind of pay off that’s keeping you exactly where you are. Mine was clearly that I didn’t have to step up, do the work and be responsible for my life.

Taking responsibility for your life is scary. It means admitting that you got yourself where you are now and recognizing that there’s likely a ton of inner work that you need to do to get it all back on track. When I realized this, not going to lie, it seemed like an insurmountable, exhausting task. Also not going to lie, it was a lot of inner/mindset work that got me where I am now but I’d do that any day over continuing to live the life I was previously living.

So let’s get down to the practicalities of all this.

It’s really worthwhile realizing that every single person in the world will have a different perspective of the same event. We all choose how we see things. Let’s say you experience a ‘rude’ waitress. If someone else was the have the same experience with that waitress they may not think she was rude at all, someone else might call her out on it, someone else might wonder if she’s ok and ask her, someone else might complain to her manager, someone else might stand up and leave, someone else might refuse to tip her, someone else might give her a giant hug...

It’s all up to us how we respond to everything that happens to us in our lives. There is no right or wrong way, no fact, no justification…it’s all just your mindset or perspective and the awesome thing is that you control that

…you control your life.

Let’s now use my life as an example. How about my previous job? So, it bored me to tears. The work was ok but I just couldn’t see where I was going with it so it just seemed like a bit of a life waster. I counted down the days to the weekend and then spend Sunday in dread for the week ahead. No really how I want to live my life.

When this whole idea of changing the way I was approaching my life finally clicked with me (aka I realized that I was all out of any other options), I decided to give this mindset and perspective shift a go. I went to work with a new mission, and that was to love my job. I decided to really love all the people, all aspects of the job itself, the conversations, the food we ate, the fun, the laughter, the team work, the money I got paid for it and the fact that it was a job that other people aspired to have. No joke, but I seriously started to get excited about going to work, just so I could find things about it to love.

About a month after I started doing this, a guy I had worked with on a project tells me he’s leaving and I should apply for his job. It wasn’t something I usually would’ve really considered but I threw caution to the wind and applied and despite thinking I bombed the interview I was offered the position. I LOVED it. And only a few weeks into this job I was literally handed an even higher paying, way more fun version of that job…I met my dream job and I loved her.

This is ALL because I turned around the way that I was approaching my old job. And I know had I not done this, I’d still be in that job. There are examples everywhere you look of people that complain endlessly but for some reason seem to stay and stay and stay and stay and stay in them. Why???? Because their mindset sucks.

And if you still don’t believe me, then I dare you to give this a go. Whatever you don’t love about your life, spend the next month super committed to loving it and just see what happens… and then of course come and tell me because I LOVE hearing your stories.

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