So, mindfulness? It sounds super vague doesn’t it? And like it's just another one of those passing things that will disappear into the ether in a few months to come. 

So what’s the deal????

I like to think of mindfulness as being aware (and therefore a little more in control) of all the stuff that goes on in your head that completely doesn’t serve you and makes life harder, crapper and more difficult i.e. mindfulness = a better life!

The best bit is that literally anyone and everyone can become more mindful. It’s easy if you know what tools to use and how best to use them for you.

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And what will mindfulness do for you????

1. Life will be easier.

You won’t be stuck worrying about the future or going over and over and over all the crap from your past. You’ll be free to focus instead of thoughts that serve you in the best possible way.

2. You'll live in the NOW, where nothing is wrong.

NOW is all we have. My bestie (I wish!) Eckhart Tolle does this in EPIC details (go check him out, you’ll thank me!) but seriously consider this present moment. There really is nothing but amazingness in each passing moment. Now is where you’ll find that whole inner peace thing.

3. Hello epic clarity!

With awareness comes clarity. Shut the chatter in your mind up and you’ll have the space (and relief!) to just be you.

Ever been super annoyed by a TV or a unnecessarily loud conversation right behind your head on the bus because you just couldn't think. That's how the you, behind all that chatter feels...all the time! Give it a break and allow yourself to listen...to yourself! 

Totally sounds crazy I know...but really isn't that what having a 24/7 conversation with yourself is anyway?! 

4. With clarity comes transformation.

Spend time just being you (without all the unnecessary chatter and commentary) and you life has no choice but to transform into the one you crave deep down.

And that’s the EPICNESS of mindfulness in a handful of words. Barely does it justice but I hope it gets you thinking...in the most mindful way of course.

I will go into it all the concepts here in heaps more details in the weeks to come so stay tuned!