My life (now!) awesome.


I'm Emily...

and I'll be perfectly honest, my life from about 26-32 was pretty blah. I was constantly wondering when life would feel 'right'. I wasn't totally into my career, relationship(s)/lack thereof or where I lived. I knew I was better than the life I had. It was like something was missing but I didn't know what or how to get where I knew I could be...

If you're about there at the moment, I feel ya. I've been there, done it and (YAY!) come out the other side with a life that I do now call AWESOME!

And the best bit of this? 

Your life can be just as awesome as mine. What I've done, anyone can do, you just need to know how.  

It's uncomfortable living a life that doesn't feel quite 'right', isn't it?

One where what you expected to happen, just hasn't happened? Where you feel like your falling behind?

Or feeling stuck in a career where you've put in so much time and effort to get where you are, only to realise it's fairly crap now you're there? Then what?


You know you deserve better but you just can't seem to get there.

OMG FRUSTRATING. I know. I've been there. 

I spent around about 6 years feeling restless, confused, disappointed and frustrated that I was where I seemingly aimed to be career wise, yet was not at all enjoying any of it. At the same time I wasn't where I thought I'd be relationship wise, making me feel like I was falling behind all my married up friends and pretty much like a failure.

Career Wise...

From the outside it looked like had a pretty sweet career. Inside I was booooooooooored, flat and totally at a loss as to what to do about this. I'd spent YEARS getting where I was and it seemed ridiculous to throw it all in and FOR WHAT???? 

What did I actually want to do?

Many an hour was spent trolling the internet for new jobs, opportunities (including those overseas) and despite successfully applying for a few of these, I stayed exactly where I was. Lost, stuck and counting down the days till retirement...or at least my next holiday. Going from Sunday afternoon dread to Friday excitement week in and week out. 

Relationship Wise...

I had ALWAYS thought I'd be happily married by 25, or at least have a vague prospect of such a thing happening by that age. So being single at 30 wasn't quite as fun as I tried to make it out to be.

Obviously I jumped into the first terrible relationship prospect that came my way and 2 years later when that crumbled (no surprise there) I went straight into a rebound thing with a guy that my emotionally warped brain was 100% CONVINCED was husband material. Yeah, so, couldn't have been more wrong and when that ended 3 months later I hit a low point. Like a really low point.


I had a job I didn't love, was living somewhere that just didn't fit and without that relationship I really really wanted. Fun times. 

Fast Forward 6 months...


And I'm in my actual DREAM JOB with a new LOVE (a farmer boyfriend of all just never know).

Within another 6 months I've moved to the country to live with my farmer (leaving the dream job for an ok one, but he's worth that).

Just under 3 years on, we're MARRIED with a 1 year old and have another baby on the way. I've also found another part time dream job. Score!

Life is nothing short of seriously awesome.


And HOW did this happen?

I changed my MINDSET and how I approach life.

That's literally it.

Truth be told, I had no idea what I was teaching myself at the time. I'm a firm believer now that lessons show up in life when you need them most and various books dropped into my life when I needed them most. I spent every spare minute I had for the next 6 months reading, listening and pondering everything I could find about this 'new' way of understanding how life works.

What I learned completely changed me and my life.  

I now look back on my Quarter Life Crises and realize that it was the making of me. I know it's hard when you're in the middle of what seems like such a mess, but you are LUCKY to be where you are. This mess is here to make you AWESOME.

Respond positively to this situation and in 6 months you could be living a life that makes you sublimely happy too.

I now so clearly understand how I was able to change mindset and my life as a result and have the tools I used ready to help those of you currently at where I was only a few years ago. I will NEVER forget feeling so confused, lost, frustrated, scared and just plain stuck and that makes me so so so passionate about helping you get out from under that to live your best possible life.

Changing your mindset is a life long adventure but baby steps are all that are needed to start create the most mammoth life changes in the most awesome way ever.

Sound good?


Are you ready to make your life awesome?